BBC NEWS | Technology | Sony unveils its new 3D universe

Sony lança o seu site de simulação,Home, onde jogadores do Playstation 3 poderão conversar, criar comunidades, colaborar, dentro dos princípios da web 2.0. A empresa descreve o serviço como uma rede social. Vejam a matéria da BBC Sony unveils its new 3D universe:

“Sony is hoping to replicate the success of social networks and Second Life with a feature called Home. Playstation 3 gamers will be able to meet, chat and share content with friends inside a 3D universe.

‘It’s about community, collaboration and customisation,’ said Sony’s Phil Harrison at the Game Developers Conference, in San Francisco.

Gamers can buy furniture and clothes, while publishers and retailers are also expected to offer 3D spaces. Mr Harrison said the games industry had to learn from the success of the web 2.0 movement”


“The industry is on the threshold of a new era of creativity, collaboration, communication and commerce embedded into an experience to empower games,” Mr Harrison said.”