A Brief History of Game Consoles, as Seen in Old TV Ads

Interessante a matéria da PC World, A Brief History of Game Consoles, as Seen in Old TV Ads, mostrando a evolução das consoles de videogames através de publicidades da época veiculadas na televisão.

From Atari’s PONG to the Sony PlayStation 3–we laugh, we cringe, we reminisce.
Danny Allen
Friday, December 22, 2006 01:00 AM PST

The first piece of tech gear that I could call my own wasn’t a computer; it was a game console–an original Sega Master System. I remember it, and the often-cheesy marketing that so appealed to my eight-year-old-self, as fondly as I do my first kiss (sorry Kathryn from fourth grade). So, inspired by our recent look at old computer ads and the launch of the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3, I’ve compiled a list of classic console commercials spanning three decades.

But first, some ground rules: I’ve included only consoles, not gaming PCs, in my coverage. And I’ve focused on advertisements for the consoles themselves. Sure, some classic ads for various games have hit our screens over the years, but the focus here is on the hardware.