Celulares como dispositivos de geolocalização e mapeamento…Vejam matéria no NYT:

With a Cellphone as My Guide – New York Times:

Think of it as a divining rod for the information age.

A phone pinpoints the Star Hotel Tokyo.

If you stand on a street corner in Tokyo today you can point a specialized cellphone at a hotel, a restaurant or a historical monument, and with the press of a button the phone will display information from the Internet describing the object you are looking at.The new service is made possible by the efforts of three Japanese companies and GeoVector, a small American technology firm, and it represents a missing link between cyberspace and the physical world. The phones combine satellite-based navigation, precise to within 30 feet or less, with an electronic compass to provide a new dimension of orientation. Connect the device to the Internet and it is possible to overlay the point-and-click simplicity of a computer screen on top of the real world.”

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