Empresa espanhola usa compartilhamento da rede para expandir Wi-Fi. Vejam matéria na BBC NEWS | Technology | Wi-fi pioneers offer cheap router:

Fon will sell wi-fi routers, which allow people to surf the net wirelessly, for $5 (£2.75).

‘Social movement’

The company is hoping to create a “social movement” as well as a business.
The router offer is designed to overcome obstacles to helping consumers quickly set up hotspots using Fon software.
In exchange for receiving a router, users must agree to share their wireless connections with other Fon users for 12 months, the company said.
Users register their router with Fon via a PC which then lets other people access their wi-fi network safely – if they can pick up the signals from outside their homes.

‘Changing economics’

“We are changing the economics of wi-fi,” Mr Urbanski said during a conference in San Francisco. “We are just piggy-backing on the back of existing wi-fi connections.”

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