Vejam no Observatrio das Cibercidades. Comunicao, Cibercultura e Espao Urbano um excelente artigo sobre a criao de zonas wi-fi em cidade com parcerias entre as municipalidades e empresas. Vejam esse excerto e para viso completa veja no link acima:

Companies That Fought Cities On Wi-Fi, Now Rush to Join In
March 20, 2006;

Having tried to stop cities from offering cut-rate or free wireless Internet access to their citizens, some large phone and cable companies are now aiming to get into the market themselves.Telecom and cable giants have traditionally been critical of city-sponsored broadband initiatives, questioning their financial viability and, in somecases, even pushing for state laws to bar or restrict them. Now, in an effort to compete with similar initiatives by Google Inc., EarthLink Inc. and others, some of the companies are changing their tune.”