China Buys Google…

Vejam aqui a maior notícia do dia de hoje! No Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters:

“Posted by Zonk on Saturday April 01, @01:42PM

Fry-kun writes ‘The Register reports that a controlling amount of Google’s Class B stock was purchased today a corporate entity owned by the Chinese Ministry of Information.’ From the article: ‘Amongst the assets acquired by the Chinese government is NASA’s Ames Research Center. Google announced a partnership with Ames last year, and, as it turns out, the move laid the groundwork for the takeover by the PRC. The Chinese will gain control of the world’s largest wind tunnels – devices that when opened up could be used to push the smell of Mu Shu Pork across much of Silicon Valley, or conversely be used to spread avian bird flu, or mind-altering substances.'”