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Vejam: um hotspot wi-fi ambulante, em uma mochila:

Be Your Own Hotspot

Turn a backpack into a portable, solar-powered Wi-Fi hotspot, and share a high-speed connection anywhere

I love the fact that more and more devices are sporting built-in Wi-Fi?the Sony PSP, smartphones, even Kodak?s EasyShare-One digital camera. The lone hitch: Wi-Fi is useless without a hotspot. Sure, thousands of spots are available, but few are free, and coverage is far from ubiquitous. What if you could marry the short-range power of Wi-Fi with the huge coverage areas of high-speed cellular services such as EV-DO to create a portable hotspot? You could use any Wi-Fi-enabled gadget anywhere you?ve got a cell signal. Play multiplayer games with friends in the park, or blog an event in real-time. Since EV-DO works at freeway speeds, you could even give Internet access to an entire road-trip caravan.