Como diria o Cérebro:”vamos dominar o mundo”!!


Richard M. Stallman

“European legislators who endorse software patents frequently claim

that those wouldn’t affect free software (or ‘open source’).

Microsoft’s lawyers are determined to prove they are mistaken.

Leaked internal documents in 1998 said that Microsoft considered the

free software GNU/Linux operating system (referred to therein as

‘Linux’) as the principal competitor to Windows, and spoke of using

patents and secret file formats to hold us back.

Because Microsoft has so much market power, it can often impose new

standards at will. It need only patent some minor idea, design a file

format, programming language, or communication protocol based on it,

and then pressure users to adopt it. Then we in the free software

community will be forbidden to provide software that does what these

users want; they will be locked in to Microsoft, and we will be locked

out from serving them.

Previously Microsoft tried to get its patented scheme for

spam-blocking adopted as an Internet standard, so as to exclude free

software from handling email. The standards committee in charge

rejected the proposal, but Microsoft said it would try to convince

large ISPs to use the scheme anyway.

Now Microsoft is planning to try something similar for Word files.”