You are Here

Post do Networked Performance mostra o projeto “You Are Here” (2004) de Scott Snibbe que monitora e mapeia percursos de pessoas em espaços públicos. Essas tecnologias são comumentes utilizadas para sistema de monitoramento e vgilâncias nas cidades contemporâneas. Aqui o objetivo é problematizar essa sociedade do controle, a publicidade e o marketing:

“You Are Here tracks and displays the paths of visitors traveling through a large public space. The system displays the aggregate paths of the last two hundred visitors along with blobs representing the people currently being tracked. The technology of this system is rooted in surveillance systems that are rapidly being put into place in all of our public spaces: airports, shopping malls, grocery stores and our streets and parks. The motivation for such public systems ranges from security and law enforcement to marketing and advertising.”

Um vídeo pode ser visto aqui.