Wireless Games

Wireless GAmes,

MAis infos sobre o Pic Nic, em Amsterdã. Post do blog Masters of Media, mostra jogos que utilizam redes wi-fi ou celulares e se desenvolvem ao ar livre. Destaco aqui os games “Collectic”, unindo PSP e redes Wi-Fi e o “Snap Shot City”, com equipes fotografando a cidade. Vejam o post para mais detalhes:


“Imagine people running around with a PSP in their hands, pushing all the buttons as fast as they can and not really noticing what happens around them. This could be players of the Collectic game :) The players need to collect several different ‘objects’ that appear on their screen because of local wi-fi points. While being busy collecting the objects, at the same time a game of tictactoe needs to be played with the collected objects, to earn points. It is too complicated to explain the whole game, but it is definately the best version of tictactoe I’ve ever played. More information can be found on: http://www.pixelsix.org/collectic/ Also on the maker Jonas Hielscher, whom all the credits go to!


Saturday around two, the journey began. Together with a camera, three teammates and the rain I started the game snap-shot-city, which was fun and easy to learn. 20 Themes were given and the assignment was to interpret these themes creatively and make photos. Some examples of the themes are: ‘oasis’ ‘whats new pussycat’ ‘wrong side of the tracks’ and ‘splat’. Believe me, walking in a city like Amsterdam, with three great and creative people around me, it was much fun to think of places and actions that would fit the themes and actually make photos of it. It makes you look at the city in a really different way. Great about it too is that the game is played by teams based in cities all over the world, within the same time frame and on the same day – and linked online. Photos can be seen on snap-shot-city.com and later one of the movies we’ve made will be posted on the blog. Designer of this game is Bonnie Shaw.”