Web 3.0

Um bom artigo do John Markoff, no NYT, sobre a Web 3.0. Trata-se de uma evolução em relação a web 2.0 no sentido de não termos apenas interligação dinâmica de documentos, mas bancos de dados interligados, produzindo uma web de consulta, semântica. Trata-se de uma mudança de uma Web hoje vista como “apenas” um catálogo de informações para formas de consulta de informação, mas como guia…especialista falam da “World Web Database”…só o futuro dirá…mas o futuro é amanhã as 9:15h ;-))

Trechos da matéria Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense – New York Times:

Web 2.0, which describes the ability to seamlessly connect applications (like geographic mapping) and services (like photo-sharing) over the Internet, has in recent months become the focus of dot-com-style hype in Silicon Valley. But commercial interest in Web 3.0 ? or the ?semantic Web,? for the idea of adding meaning ? is only now emerging.

The classic example of the Web 2.0 era is the ?mash-up? ? for example, connecting a rental-housing Web site with Google Maps to create a new, more useful service that automatically shows the location of each rental listing.

In contrast, the Holy Grail for developers of the semantic Web is to build a system that can give a reasonable and complete response to a simple question like: ?I?m looking for a warm place to vacation and I have a budget of $3,000. Oh, and I have an 11-year-old child.?

Under today?s system, such a query can lead to hours of sifting ? through lists of flights, hotel, car rentals ? and the options are often at odds with one another. Under Web 3.0, the same search would ideally call up a complete vacation package that was planned as meticulously as if it had been assembled by a human travel agent.

How such systems will be built, and how soon they will begin providing meaningful answers, is now a matter of vigorous debate both among academic researchers and commercial technologists. Some are focused on creating a vast new structure to supplant the existing Web; others are developing pragmatic tools that extract meaning from the existing Web.