Web 3.0?

Web, web 2.0, Web 3.0…você está perdido? Bom, vejam o artigo How To Define Web 3.0 de


” The web as it is now uses keywords in order to aggregate data into usable chunks. Search engines index the internet en masse and present it to the end user in order of relevance. They determine relevance by using complex algorithms. Web 2.0 brought us a change in the basic way that we search, tagging. With tagging you could describe anything as anything and search for items in a fashion that is more in line with the way people really look for things.

Web 3.0 will take this one step further. If you are searching for information on Cars, for example, you would use the search engine as you normally would, but your results would be more specialized subengines. I would find BMW Search or Kia Search. From there, I would be able to dig deeper and find items that have been tagged as relating to BMW and sort them into their major categories (pictures, videos, blog posts, news articles, commerce etc…) Each of these could be captured as an RSS feed so that I can be alerted when something new is added to by search profile.

The way the engines would order these items would be a combination of the old and the new. The strong algorithms that are currently used would be kept, but in addition some weight would be given to items that the community has flagged as interesting or voted on.”