E agora, vamos começar o ano, depois das loucuras do Carnaval.

Para reiniciar esse Carnet a todo vapor, indico o site Avaaz.org cujo objetivo é realizar mobilizações para parar a guerra no Iraque, sensibilizar os países para a questão do aquecimento global…Vejam:

“The disaster in Iraq endangers us all– now George Bush is asking the US Congress for funds to ESCALATE his war. The US Congress is sitting in judgement this week, and has real power to demand a change of course. They can demand a real plan to end this conflict. Opposition is rising in the USA and round the world. 45000 of us published our ad in a Capitol Hill paper. 90000 of us from 198 countries joined a virtual Global Peace March: hundreds of thousands of US citizens marched for peace, we carried flags from dozens of countries and banners saying citizens around the world marched with them (opposite!) Now it’s time to march our petition right into Congress. We need as many citizens around the world as possible to sign the petition before we deliver it this week!

Petition: President Bush’s plan to escalate the war in Iraq is opposed by the Iraqi people, the international community, the Iraq Study Group, and the vast majority of Americans. We urge the new US Congress to block the military escalation in Iraq and demand a diplomatic solution and a real plan to end the Iraq war. ”