Ubiquitous Media

Esse post vem do Space and Culture”. Nosso querido Rob Shields posta direto do Ubiquitous Media-Asian Transformations, em Tóquio. Interessante o projeto e vale a pena ver os abstractc dos keynote speakers. O tema, nem preciso falar, está no centro das nossas preocupações no GPC.

Theory Culture and Society 25th Anniversary Conference – Tokyo July 13-15 2007

Ubiquitous Media-Asian Transformations offers abstracts of the papers and a useful synthesis of the works and online resources for the plenary speakers, who included: Bernard Steiger, Barbara Staffor, Friedrich Kittler, Shigehiko Hasumi, Mark Hansen, Katherine Hayles and Masaki Fujihata.

The most novel element was University of Tokyo’s brilliant, interdisicplinary, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies graduate students’ Thinking Forest. This project allows visitors to choose a representative sticker (any animal, flower) and to stick it on to the graphic of a forest of keywords painted on the 50m+ long construction hoarding fronting the site of their new building. (I’ll future post an image when I get a connection with some bandwidth!).