Tomorrow’s cities: Why is that lamp-post watching me? BBC

Cities are increasingly gathering data from a range of unusual sources as the cost of chip technology falls and data-gathering sensors can be fitted on pretty much anything, from bridges to sewers, streetlights to bins.


And in Glasgow the city council is looking to upgrade its streetlights to more energy-efficient LED lights – likely to make up to 50% savings on one of the city’s largest bills.

But Glasgow wants to go further and has programmed them to increase in brightness if noise levels rise – for example if there is a disturbance in the area.


The pilot project will be integrated with the newly built City Operations Centre, where CCTV cameras from across the city are monitored and staff can zoom in on any problems.


A nifty way to solve crime, some would say, but for others a privacy nightmare….


More noise, more light to surveillance! 

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