Vejam no site we make money not art: o projeto Tometaxy, mais um com interface do espaço eletrônico com o urbano. Acabei de usar o sistema e mandei uma imagem que vai aparecer em um display em Berlim…Vou receber uma imagem confirmando (coloco aqui depois). allows net users to send almost any messages, text and/or images, to a remote and physical public place where the tometaxi team has placed an electronic screen.

Your message will be displayed live at that remote outdoor location on ultrabright screens. And each time a high quality picture of these messages will be returned to you. explores the relation of experiments in virtual and public media, combines the gallery space with real landscapes at remote locations and creates new so-called micro-public realities.

Now, the second stage of the project is slightly more ambitious. In reference to Nam June Paik’s “The Moon is the Oldest TV”, the tometaxy team is currently constructing a second moon, slightly bigger than a tennis-ball and weighting less than 3 kg, equipped with small displays, antennas and cameras for still images and video, which they would launch into real space. People will be able to send pictures or SMS to this artificial Moon. A small camera will take a picture from space of your message on the picosatellite screen and return this image back to your mobile phone.

This artistic or cultural pico-satellite would be made to counter current political, scientific, technical as well as economical efforts within global and mobile media. They are on the lookout for sponsors btw!”