Tecnologia e Jornalismo Cidadão

Tecnologia e Jornalismo Cidadão

Mais sobre os protestos dos monges na ex-Birmânia. Matéria da Reuters, Technology gives world rare view of Myanmar’s rage mostra como os cidadãos estão cumprindo o papel dos jornalistas que, proibidos pelo governo, não podem cubrir os eventos. A matéria mostra como as novas tecnologias (internet, link por satélites, celulares) estão ajudando os monges e mostrando ao mundo o que está acontecendo em um dos Estados mais fechados do planeta.

Vejam trechos da matéria:

“Secret networks of dissident citizen reporters operating beneath the noses of government spies in army-ruled Myanmar are giving the world unprecedented glimpses of the biggest anti-junta protests in two decades.

With foreign journalists barred from what is one of the world’s most closed states, much of the worldwide media coverage is coming from exiled newshounds in countries such as Thailand and India — and their clandestine contacts on the inside.

Technology ranging from the latest Internet gizmo to satellite uplinks to camera phones are ensuring pictures of the massed marches of monks and civilians and the response by security forces is on TV screens around the world in hours. (…)

“Now, the whole population are journalists on the move equipped with all sorts of information-capturing devices from telephones and video machinery that you just couldn’t use in 1988.”(…)

As troops fired warning shots at crowds in Yangon on Wednesday, “citizen journalists” in the masses seething through the city centre were sending their thoughts, pictures and video to international broadcasters such as CNN and the BBC.(…)”