Space and Culture

Links da videoconferência do GPC e comentários do Rob Shields no Space and Culture:

“Celebrating ’60 degrees of difference’ (in degrees centigrade and latitude, more or less), a videoconference was held between the Cibercidade / Ciberpesquisa Research Group at the Faculty of Communication (FACOM), Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) and the Space and Culture Reading Group at University of Alberta. The structure of the event was rounds of introductions, my paper on The Virtuality of Urban Culture and a powerpoint with an interactive section where the groups showed local urban images of their respective cities. We concluded that the videoconference is a ‘differential space’ in Henri Lefebvre’s terms. A Q&A including comments on the conference itself and exchanges between the two groups of participants concluded the videoconference – my recipe for videoconferenced presentations which respects the social relations between speakers and remote and local audiences which are different than in either a simple lecture or seminar situation. Why isn’t there any research on this?”