Smart Mob na China

Protesto contra uma fábrica química através do uso dos telefones celulares e marchas nas ruas faz com que o governo páre a obra e realize estudos ambientais mais importantes. Vejam a matéria do Washington Post Text Messages Giving Voice to Chinese. Opponents of Chemical Factory Found Way Around Censors
de Edward Cody. Washington Post Foreign Service, Thursday, June 28, 2007; Page A01


“XIAMEN, China — By the hundreds of thousands, the urgent text messages ricocheted around cellphones in Xiamen, warning of a catastrophe that would spoil the city’s beautiful seaside environment and foul its sweet-smelling tropical breezes.

By promoting the construction of a giant chemical factory among the suburban palm trees, the local government was “setting off an atomic bomb in all of Xiamen,” the massive message sprays charged, predicting that the plant would cause “leukemia and deformed babies” among the 2 million-plus residents of this city on China’s southern rim, just opposite Taiwan.

Mobilized by cellphone, thousands marched in Xiamen against a new chemical plant. Authorities have halted the project. (By Wen Yunchao)

The environmental activists behind the messages might have exaggerated the danger with their florid language, experts said. But their passionate opposition to the chemical plant generated an explosion of public anger that forced a halt in construction, pending further environmental impact studies by authorities in Beijing, and produced large demonstrations June 1 and 2, drawing national publicity.

The delay marked a rare instance of public opinion in China rising from the streets and compelling a change of policy by Communist Party bureaucrats. It was a dramatic illustration of the potential of technology — particularly cellphones and the Internet — to challenge the rigorous censorship and political controls through which the party maintains its monopoly on power over China’s 1.4 billion people.”