Sky Ear

Sky Ear

Esse projeto foi apresentado na Suiça e na GB em 2004, mas decidi postar aqui para os que não conhecem e para registrar aqui no Carnet. Trata-se de um interessante e belo projeto em locative media art, o Sky Ear.

Balões captam ondas eletromagnéticas, comunicam-se entre eles por infra-vermelho e os espectadores, com telefones celulares, podem ouvir os sons que emanam do céu.

Vejam descrição do projeto:

“Sky Ear is a one-night event in which a glowing ‘cloud’ of mobile phones and helium balloons is released into the air so that people can dial into the cloud and listen to the sounds of the sky.

The cloud consists of 1000 extra-large helium balloons that each contain 6 ultra-bright LEDs (which mix to make millions of colours). The balloons can communicate with each other via infra-red; this allows them to send signals to create larger patterns across the entire Sky Ear cloud as they respond to the electromagnetic environment (created by distant storms, mobile phones, police and ambulance radios, television broadcasts, etc.).

The balloons are enclosed in a carbon fibre and net structure 25m in diameter tethered to the ground by 6 cables and held aloft at a height of about 60-100m where it will remain for several hours.

Using mobile phones people can listen to the actual sounds up high, the electromagnetic sounds of the sky as well as streams of ‘whistlers’ and ‘spherics’ (atmospheric electromagnetic phenomena that are the audible equivalent of the Northern Lights). Of course, the action of calling the cloud changes the electromagnetic environment inside and causes the balloons to vary in brightness and colour.”