Seguranca em hotspot

Matéria no Los Angeles Times mostra problemas de segurança nos territórios informacionais que são os inúmeros “hotspot” publicos nos EUA e na maioria das grande cidades ao redor do mundo. Veja com um “hacker” usa um “sniffer software” para ver por onde os usuários navegam e “read their minds.”

“(…) Cheung isn’t psychic. He had hacked into the coffee shop’s wireless Internet connection on his Toshiba laptop. It took him all of about five minutes to do so, using free software available online. (…) Once hooked into the system, Cheung was able to monitor the online activity of other laptops in the shop. (…) Cheung was using a “sniffer” program that intercepted online signals as they flew back and forth from the laptops to a wireless modem hidden somewhere amid the coffee paraphernalia. (…) “If you watch where people go, one site after another,” Cheung said, “it’s almost like you can read their minds.”