RFID nos Celulares

RFID nos Celulares

Materia do The Guardian Unlimited mostra o uso das etiquetas RFID em celulares no Japao, permitindo uma grande variedade de aplicacoes e o envio de informacoes as mais diversas diretamente para o aparelho (obrigado Fernando). Vejam alguns trechos da materia:

Guardian Unlimited

“Currently, the RFID tags embedded in about 50 per cent of all new mobile phones can be used as electronic cash for buying newspapers and milk in corner shops; as credit cards for paying for larger-ticket items; as pre-paid tickets or season passes for travelling on trains and buses across Japan; or as storage media for receiving discount coupons from restaurants and collecting a bewildering range of in-store cash-back-style points.
It’s fitting that, since Japan’s love affair with RFID began in 2001 with ticketless travel from major Tokyo rail operator JR East, the same company is behind the next step in the wireless revolution.

Working with Mitsubishi Electric, JR East is developing an RFID system that delivers journey information to the phones of customers already inside its trains. Should they wish to, passengers can hold an IC-equipped handset near one of the special terminals mounted in every carriage to receive detailed instructions on where to change trains to reach their destinations, and plenty more.

When the system comes into service in the next three years, it will also deliver news of delays, possible quicker routes and even directions to the nearest station exits for specific street-level destinations. Naturally, there’s also scope for a little covert advertising – but Japanese phone users have long been accustomed to that.”