Post do Networked_Performance mostra o Qwitter, “the Darwinian side of social networks” que usa o Twitter para dizer (o sistema te envia um email) quando pessoas deixam de te seguir e depois de que post no famoso micro-blog. Abaixo a explicação (!!!!!)

“It has been argued that getting constant updates from the social network helps the user to develop a sort of social sixth sense that facilitates face-to-face relations, but many commentators see Twitter as the most pointless and addictive internet fad. Qwitter is an additional web service in the Twitter ecosystem that might be seen either as a tongue-in-cheek satire or as a smart exploitation of micro-blogging’s intrinsic weaknesses. Qwitter, not affiliated with Twitter, interfaces with the main system and provides a missing feature: the notification of the users that unsubscribe to your updates. The ‘quitters’ will be exposed with a message like: ‘John Gruber (gruber) stopped following you on Twitter after you posted this tweet: What’s the difference between Arial and Helvetica?’. The implications of this simple notification are far from trivial (…)

(…) But Qwitter intervenes in an ambiguous territory pushing information sharing toward the paradox and potentially disrupting the mood that informs platforms like Twitter. Is Qwitter an effort to educate people to more responsible and meaningful acts of communication? Intentionally or not, it provides a sharp commentary of the attention economy in the age of web 2.0: if everybody can communicate, everybody is in perpetual competition.”

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  1. Acabei de ler sobre o QWITTER em outro blog. Já me cadastrei. Será que funciona bem?

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