Public Domain GIS, Mapping & Imaging Using Web-based Services

Tenho destacado nesse Carnet experincias e projetos artsticos em localizao, mapeamento e anotaes eletrnicas do espao urbano, e tenho escrito alguns artigos sobre o tem (ver link Artigos nesse Carnet). Post do Digital Urban destaca um “working paper” sobre a temtica: “Public Domain GIS, Mapping & Imaging Using Web-based Services.”

O artigo est disponvel em PDF no site.


“In the last five years, public domain GIS (geographic information systems) software for map display and beyond has become available for non-expert users in the public domain, the best examples being the various products from Google such as Google Maps and Google Earth.

We have devised various software to enable non-experts to take appropriate map data in standard formats and to transform them so that they can be displayed by these software in a one stop action.”