Picture and Sounds

Picture and Sounds

Passei hoje o dia todo lendo, re-lendo e escrevendo. Como não tive tempo para alimentar muito esse Carnet e como já escrevi aqui sobre o papel das câmeras nos telefones celulares e sobre o iPod como forma de resignificação estética (sonora) dos lugares, deixo abaixo duas citações que reforçam minhas hipóteses sobre esses temas:

Sobre Mobile Sound Experience:

“These technologies all permit a reorganization of public and private realms of experience where what is traditionally conceived of as ‘private’ experience is brought out into public realms in the act of individualized listening or talking. These technologies also permit users to prioritize their experience in relation to their geographical, social and interpersonal environment enabling them to exist, in a variety of ways, within their own private soundworld. The site of experience is therefore reconstituted variably through the use of such media” (…) iPod reorganizes users relation to space and place. Sound colonizes the listener but is also used to actively recreate and reconfigure the space of experience.”

Michael Bull

Photos, MMS, and Camera Phone.

“Mobile technology par excellence, with its new visual potential, instead emphasizes forms of experience that are strongly rooted in physical and social space and shows the subject’s need to embed themselves in localized and socially contextualized forms of interaction.(…) the camera-phone seems to enable ‘the doubling place’ or more accurately, the pluralization of places (and experiences) and their trans-location(…). The outcome is an evident reassertion of the mobile phone’s cultural identity as a medium that makes it possible to intensify communication with proximate relations, to nourish sentimental bounds, and to build a shared code of experience interpretation (…) camera phone is closed linked to the search for spatio-temporal embedding of subjects ans experience, favouring the local context and social situations of which the exchange of communication itself forms a part (…). camera-phone enables the multiplication of connections between different physical ans social spaces rather than the weakening of a ‘sense of place'”

Barbara Scifo