Pervasive Game and Wi-Fi Montreal

Pervasive Game and Wi-Fi Montreal

Post do Delapierre Jerome Cart360 apresenta o game “Catch Me if You Can” no velho porto de Montreal, que agora tem uma rede Wi-Max em toda a área do velho porto. Vejam o vídeo do jogo, que utiliza Skype e webcams, a descrição e o mapa da zona Wi-Max abaixo:

Sobre o Game:

(…) In other word, we aim to create an experience that illustrates the quality of spaces covered of virtual reality. (Why this internet coffee where we are writing is different from any other coffee on the street?) As both spaces exist and no one would like to renounce the opportunities of the web and it communication possibilities, the web is going mobile through large wifi installations. This gives space for activities outside while making full use of the virtual environment. Moreover people have to get a feeling for having both realities at one time and to find a way of using them. By making full use of the large free wifi band located at the Montreal Old Port, an opportunity is given to explore an early example of doubling reality in their geography location. To dress the links between the two, this experiment aim to make your physical location having an impact on your virtual universe and vice versa. Using a man hunter game setup, real acting can easily be shared over the virtual space and create the connection between player localization and their actions in virtual spaces. A person only needs a headset and a webcam and others can follow her via the web. Having this addition point of view the people on the Internet can feedback, in a conversation format, to the real space. The person who is informed about several locations at one moment is able to combine this information to it’s real sensing of places.(…)”.

(…) The game consists of two teams of participants all connected over one or few video chat software. Each Team designates a player who will act as the person in charge of the communication. These players are not running on the field and install their stations on a spot where they can provide information to the member of their team. They are the only ones who know where are the hunters as well as the escapers and they are the only ones able to communicate (describing) the location of the enemy to their team-mates. Even if the hunters/escapers take care of their own space sensing, the two game monitors (one for each team) provide an extra orientation fundamental to the game organisation and the essential strategy tool to ensure victory.(…)”

A Free WiFi network on 1.2 Km in a park

“Montreal will soon become the first Canadian city to deliver wireless Internet and mobile IP telephony to residents. A new WiMAX based Wi-Fi network is being deployed across the metropolitan area thanks to a joint venture between two Quebec-based businesses: independent Internet service provider and Nomade Télécom, wireless network installer and operator. The mission of this joint venture is to create an alternative to large Internet service and IP telephony providers by offering quality services at the best possible prices. ‘For less than $30 per month, Montreal residents will soon be able to have wireless Internet access and IP telephone service almost everywhere on the island,’ explained Daniel Robichaud, President of (…)”