Perfis Psicologicos

E o Google continua sua busca por perfis dos internautas para venda a empresas publicitárias. A gigante americana quer monitorar agora os perfis psicológicos dos usuários de games. O objetivo é “ver” como esses usuários jogam online para ajudar as empresas de publicidade a oferecer serviços e produtos mais ajustados ao seu perfil. Mais uma vez os debates estão em torno da questão da privacidade. “Sue Charman of online campaign Open Rights Group said: ‘I can understand why they are interested in this, but I would be deeply disturbed by a company holding a psychological profile’ “, de acordo com matéria do The Guardian. Trechos:

“The company thinks it can glean information about an individual’s preferences and personality type by tracking their online behaviour, which could then be sold to advertisers. Details such as whether a person is more likely to be aggressive, hostile or dishonest could be obtained and stored for future use, it says.” (…) “User dialogue (eg from role playing games, simulation games, etc) may be used to characterise the user (eg literate, profane, blunt or polite, quiet etc). Also, user play may be used to characterise the user (eg cautious, risk-taker, aggressive, non-confrontational, stealthy, honest, cooperative, uncooperative, etc).” The information could be used to make adverts that appear inside the game more “relevant to the user”, Google says. Players who spend a lot of time exploring “may be interested in vacations, so the system may show ads for vacations”. And those who spend more time talking to other characters will see adverts for mobile phones.”