Participatory Urbanism

Projeto destacado no networked_performance mostra o uso de telefones celulares para monitorar o meio ambiente e o estado atual do lugar onde ele está. Mais uma função para esse dispositivo híbrido. Trata-se do projeto “Participatory Urbanism”:

“…a work by Eric Paulos, Ian Smith and RJ Honicky that turns the mobile phone into a “networked mobile personal measurement instrument.”

On the one hand, there’s a sophisticated device, the mobile phone, which provides us very little insight into the actual conditions of the terrain we traverse with it.

On the other hand is the fact that we must defer to a handful of civic government installed environmental monitoring stations that use extrapolation to derive a single air quality measurement for an entire metropolitan region. Such data doesn’t reflect the dynamic variability arising from daily automobile traffic patterns, human activity, and smaller industries.”