Parking in Paris?

Mais sobre locative media. Posto nos próximos dias reflexões preliminares sobre esse tema que desenvolvi no evento Mobilefest (veja posts anteriores). Agora, com um celular, ou GPS pode-se encontrar lugares disponíveis para estacionar o carro em Paris. Equipamento móvel, informação direta do lugar, mobilidade…locative media. Vejam matéria do NYTimes, replicada no Cnet News:

Parking in Paris? Your phone will tell you where | CNET

“A service starting next month will allow a cell phone or GPS navigation device to search a parking lot database for nearby parking spots.The New York Times

By Jethro Mullen
The New York Times
Published: November 23, 2006, 6:00 AM PST

PARIS, Nov. 19–A service starting next month may help soothe the nerves of harried Parisian drivers: it could help them locate a nearby parking spot using a cell phone or GPS navigation device. The system will monitor about 120 garages across Paris. Using their cell phones, drivers will be able to find out whether a nearby garage is open and has available parking spots.


Eight companies are participating: Orange and SFR, the two leading French mobile networks; Canal TP, Navx and V-Trafic, which specialize in travel and navigation software; consulting firms Setec and Carte Blanche Conseil; and New Technology for Citizens, a group of companies that provides travel services.”