Paperless office

Em 1995 Negroponte, o guru do Media LAB do MIT previa a superação dos átomos pelos bits…desmaterialização absoluta da cultura contemporânea. Bom, isso não está acontecendo com o velho e bom papel…árvores continuam cedendo seus átomos para os diversos trabalhos de escritório, no Canadá. Vejam Paperless office is pure fiction: report.

CBC News

“A new report by Statistics Canada smashes the myth of the paperless office, finding instead that paper consumption has doubled over 20 years even as Canadians adopt new technologies. Per capita consumption of paper for printing and writing from the years 1983 to 2003 rose 93.6 per cent to 91.4 kilograms – about 20,000 pages per person. ‘Not only is the notion of a paperless society defeated by existing data, but a visit to any modern office workplace will confirm that printers everywhere continue to spit out massive amounts of paper, and paper recycling bins are full,’ says the report. In 2003, Canadians used a whopping 2, 867,442 tonnes of paper, compared with 1,198,100 tonnes two decades earlier.”