Novo artigo – Narrativas sobre a IoT

Narratives about the internet of things: an exploratory study of the articles published in Folha online between 2011 and 2016

André Luiz Martins Lemos, Daniel Góis Rabêlo Marques, Elias Cunha Bitencourt


The article describes how the Brazilian media shows the Internet of Things. The corpus is composed of 165 texts of Folha de São Paulo published online between 2011 and 2016. A data scraping tool was developed to extract the texts, which were analyzed using Atlas.ti. As criterion of analysis, we sought to identify the most cited objects, the qualities attributed to them, as well as the most recurrent IoT definitions. We also observed the main themes found in the texts and the judgment implied by the articles. We conclude that IoT is defined by the connectivity between intelligent objects, linked to technical and economic issues and to the imaginary of the future. These objects work mostly in the residential, health and transportation areas. Privacy issues still do not dominate the discussions.


Internet of Things. Media Narratives. Folha de São Paulo.