Newspapers and mobile media

Newspapers and Mobile Media

Post do Bizcommunity, “How newspapers, mobile media can work together – but probably won’t” mostra os desafios do casamento entre jornalismo e sistemas de localização para oferecer notícias de acordo com a posição do leitor. A relação entre o jornalismo e as novas tecnologias digitais móveis tem se mostrado frutífera seja nas novas práticas dos jornalistas, nas transformações das redações, nos novos produtos derivados para plataformas móveis e agora como novos sistemas aliando news e localização.

Vejam abaixo trechos do post de Vincent Maher:

“(…) that media companies can deliver news targeted at a Personal Content Area based on the user’s actual location. Whereas personalisation has mostly gone unused on the desktop web, I think people will be more likely to use a service that filters news based on their location.

(…) Place and time are two of the most important pieces of meta-data associated with content because they directly relate to relevance, before personal interest and taste. As an example, someone may not be generally interested in crime news, except when it happens next door to them. They may not be interested in restaurant reviews, unless the restaurant is nearby.

(…) The question then is: what type of company is best suited to leverage this potential successfully?

The answer is a conglomeration of smaller news providers which already provide local news and have the sales infrastructure to deal with smaller advertisers which need to reach an area with a radius of 20km or less. The national newspapers are at an immediate disadvantage because their sales teams aren’t scalable enough or geared for many smaller incentives to sell. And, of course, they don’t produce enough local content to service the entire country.

A solution to the content problem could be localised citizen journalism but, again, this will require a massively scalable editorial team to ‘gatekeep’. It’s not impossible, though; it just requires some money and faith in the model, or a proper business plan. In my experience, a business plan like that is unlikely to emanate from a newspaper, and even less likely to get board approval because there are too many risks and it detracts from the core business which is still, sadly for many, selling paper.(…)”

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