My Shark Melissa

Game educacional, Sharkrunners, caçadores de tubarões, monitora tubarões reais (Melissa, Amanda….) por GPS e permite aos jogadores conhecerem o comportamento do animal. O navio é virtual mas os tubarões são reais e o objetivo é monitorá-los para conseguir o maior número de informações sobre os mesmos.O post vem do Smart Mobs: My Shark Melissa. Para mais informações vejam o site do Discovery Channel”.

The above screenshot is from a Discovery Channel site game called Sharkrunners. My ship is the Balboa and the green icon of a shark represents Melissa. She is my first encounter with a shark. What makes the experience of playing this game completely new to me is that Melissa is a real shark. Her location is tracked by GPS and swims through the software that causes the game to play continuously online. As regular readers here would know, my major interest in the online world is how it can be of benefit to education. The concept of learners being able to experience the distant real world as I am able to gather information about Melissa in the game has profound potential for education.