My City = My Body

My City = My Body

Exposição no Royal College of Art em Londres explora a relação entre corpo e cidade. A exposição My City = My Body – Biological Interactions with and in the City coloca em evidência a relação entre corpo e cidade, as tecnologias e a percepção da cidade em relação ao dejetos, à bio-vigilância e ao monitoramento do meio ambiente.

Trechos: “My City = My Body is part of ongoing research into future biological interactions with the city and more precisely into how the increasing understanding of our DNA and the rise of bio-technologies will change the way we interact with each other and our environment.(…)

I’m interested in how cities are not as much made up by streets and buildings as they are made up by our behaviour and experiences. (…) These experiences are heavily mediated by technology, just look at the way mobile communication networks totally reshaped our cities.

What I’m interested in, is how future technologies might influence our urban behaviour. We’re on the verge of a new area, an area that relies on the understanding of our body and the understanding of our DNA. What does this mean for the cities of tomorrow? Will we have DNA-surveillance and discrimination? Bio-identities and communities? …

The biological map in the interim show was an ‘intervention’ using the show as a platform to get feedback on these ideas. By gathering urine samples, I want to make people think about how their biological waste contains information. Pissing in public might become like leaving your digital data up for grabs, spitting in the streets like leaving your computer unprotected on the internet.(…)”