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Mobile Citizen Journalism

Foto no Flickr mostrando protestos em Londres

Matéria do jornal canadense mostra como as tecnologias móveis estão criando formas importantes de “jornalismo cidadão”. Empresa de Vancouver, Nowpublic faz um top ten das notícias mais importantes veiculados pelos cidadãos jornalistas e seus telefones celulares, SMS, Twitter, etc… Trechos da matéria:

“(…) Armed with cellphone cameras and Internet connections, they are taking pictures, shooting video and messaging eyewitness accounts of terrorist attacks, political rallies and natural disasters. They’re making the unfiltered information available almost instantly, faster than traditional news organizations. “I am no longer going to look at the news because it’s something historical and something I want to see,” said Leonard Brody, chief executive and co-founder of Vancouver-based NowPublic, which calls itself a “next-generation wire service. ‘It’s something I want to see and influence as it’s happening.’

(…) The website also cited the role of SMS texting, blogging and the online photo management site Flickr in other news moments on the list. Mainstream media organizations such as CNN and the BBC are among those using news material from citizens.

(…)NowPublic has 150,000 contributors from around the world posting news, photos and video, said Brody. Technology expert Andy Walker said the cellphone, with its camera and video capabilities, has helped lead the way in user-generated news. “It has basically made everybody a photojournalist whether they like it or not,” said Walker, executive producer of, a website designed to train and educate people about technology.


NowPublic’s list of the year’s 10 most important moments in user-generated news:

1. Mumbai attacks.

2. Natural disasters.

3. Olympic torch relay protests in San Francisco.

4. Barack Obama talking about bitter small-town voters who cling to guns and religion.

6. The site Ushahidim, used to document violence after disputed presidential election in Kenya.

7. CNN’s news wire plans.

8. Journalist hands over mike to SXSW festival audience to question Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

9. Twitter used by U.S. journalism student jailed in Egypt.

10. Fake report on Apple’s Steve Jobs having a heart attack.”

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