Mobifest e Portage

Mobifest e Portage


Festival de filmes feitos por e para celulares acontece em Toronto. É o mobifest que realiza sua premiação hoje, dia 20. No site do evento é possível ver os filmes selecionados.

“Mobifest is the place for made-for-mobile filmmakers. We create mobile film-festivals, distribute mobile films under revenue sharing agreements … and sometimes produce and commission made-for-mobile films.(…)”


Ainda em Toronto. Estou indo conversar com os coordenadores e ver de perto a experiência do Portage, aplicação de tecnologias móveis e mídias locativas em uma região da cidade. Mando mais informações de lá. Mas ainda nao tenho data para ir. Descrição:

“How can users of a public urban space engage in a multi-sensory, multimedia outdoor experience? PORTAGE is transforming John Street, in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment shopping district, into a Broad Locative Environment (BLE) — a space that will allow visitors to engage with outdoor multimedia installations and other mobile users.

Users will be able to navigate from Grange Park down to John Street through a GPS and wifi-enabled way-finding system. Along the way they will interact with installed musical sculptures, create and share interactive audio dub components, trigger swarms of cicadas residing in city trees and surveil their own image, via public camera surveillance, in a past historical John St moment or in a classic Canadian film clip. This BLE installation Portage will investigate how cultural content delivery is made possible by emerging multi-capability mobile devices. These devices include cell phones, handhelds and PDAs with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and GSM access. Portage will also examine the processes by which these technologies can be used in conjunction with each other and with environmental sensors and displays to move the mobile experience beyond the phone and to create an interactive and immersive environment.”