map tattoos

Map Tattos

atlas(t): map tattoos mostra trabalhos de artistas tatuados com mapas, mostrando formas analógicas de “mídia locativa”, sem nenhum dispositivo eletrônico, embarcada, criando novas formas de apropriação dos “territórios” (os lugares, o corpo, a subjetividade…).

“The narratives referenced in movies and computer games and in dreams seem to involve people with map tattoos who have no memory of getting the tattoo and no knowledge of what the map’s significance is. Their story arc is to discover, and thereby control and own, the territory — and usually treasure — depicted in the map. The map tattooed on their body is felt at the beginning to be controlling them — because they didn’t ask for the map and can’t read the map. By reading the map, you acquire its power.

Conversely, the claims of map tattoos on discussion boards come inevitably out of discussions around identity and control of self. For example, one e-nterlocutor answered the question “which part of your body do you hate the most?” with a description of the tattoo of the world he has on his back. Putting the map onto you, far from removing your control of its contents, actually intensifies your control of the map’s contents by personalizing them, making them not just a part of your claim of identity, but an actual part of your body.”