Making Location

Making Location

Em relação ao post anterior e as reflexões feitas aqui nesse Carnet, mais um post reforça a dimensão local, a produção de conteúdo e a colaboração, características que venho apontando como as principais das mídias locativas e dos processos “pós-massivos” contemporâneos. Post do MediaShift Idea Lab analisa experiências como Seero (veja nosso post sobre o sistema), mostrando como a localização é a parte central do processo.

Alguns trechos do post:

Seero é “a ‘live on location,’ geo-broadcasting online app that mixes gps and video streaming by broadcasting and mapping in real-time. With the service, you broadcast live video, geo-tagging the content in real-time as you go. If folks are logged on to the site, they can follow in you in real-time; or if they aren’t online at the moment, the content, including the geo-tag is archived and accessible.(…)

“‘on-the-road,isn’t-this-a-beautiful/interesting/amazing-place pieces’, and geez did mine fall flat. Perhaps a better unique selling proposition might be: See this place I know, right here, right now; it’s videoed, geo-tagged, and online.

The greatest potential lies in the exploration of places that broadcasters know intimately and personally, and their choice of located, pushed content. They can wrap that content around some targeted, but small amount of reflection, born of that specific knowledge, and located in time and place. Then you have a piece of value. Space becomes place when it is imbued with meaningful content, and this is where geo-broadcasters could shine.”

(…) We’re collecting material to create a Seero info-map focusing on the architectural, historical, political, and public geography of that small slice of territory. Seero then publishes our information and sites, along with whatever their software finds. So when my reporters do livecasts, they’ll have multimedia spatial context available to supplement their video reporting.

(…)The geo-web space is burgeoning, both online and for mobile devices, due to the distribution options. Wi-Fi and mobile hotspots, a-gps and cellphone triangulation puts you online most of the time. These stories are about connectivity, connections, and the local…and that means location.”