Londres, o maior hotspot da Europa

Falávamos no último post da rede Wi-Fi de Westminster sendo usada para monitorar carros em estacionamentos. Saibam que Londres está se tornando o maior hotspot da Europa. Vejam matéria London to become Europe’s largest WiFi hotspot:

“As if blanketing the rim of the River Thames with WiFi wasn’t good enough to get us out of the office and into the park, the Evening Standard is reporting that the whole city of London will soon becomes “Europe’s biggest wireless internet hotspot.” As expected, some 130 base stations will be arranged in a sophisticated mesh networking setup, which will span “the entire Square Mile,” subsequently giving about 350,000 employees in the area access to unadulterated wireless internet. Wireless gurus from The Cloud are working in conjunction with city officials to tie off the final steps, and while initial coverage areas will dwarf Soho and Barbican City, the map above shows just how broad the service could get. Unfortunately, this edition of citywide WiFi will not come gratis, as users who plan to take advantage will be kindly asked to fork over about £11 ($22) a month for access.”