Locative Rescue

Locative Rescue.

O Fernando Firmino (obrigado!) acaba de me mandar esse link sobre um resgate na montanha utilizando as mídias locativas e redes sociais. Apesar do socorro, o skatista morreu nos alpes suiços. Vejam com serviços e tecnologias baseados em localização como GPS, Google Maps, iPhone e a rede social Twitter foram capitais para o resgate. A íntegra da matéria Mountain rescue in Alps played out on Twitter no The Guardian dá todos os detalhes e cita trechos dos post no twitter. Abaixo alguns trechos ressaltando o uso das mídias locativas.

“A young British entrepreneur has died while snowboarding in the Swiss Alps despite a mountain rescue operation played out live on the social networking site Twitter. (…) Other members of the group put out a request on Twitter asking for the mobile phone number of Williams and his childhood friend and business partner, Jason Tavaria, who had also become separated from the group, in the hope of tracking them down. Rescue helicopters were unable to land in the area because of atrocious weather and search teams set out on foot to find the pair. (…)

An hour later his tweet reported that someone had provided Williams’s number: “Rob’s number rec’d via Twitter. Jason now found using GPS/Google maps and phone; still working on finding Rob.” Another entrepreneur, Joshua Marsh, recorded how he used Google maps to determine Tavaria and Williams’s locations. It appears the pair veered off piste accidently, unable to see in the white-out that descended on the mountain.

Tavaria, 29, had sent his friends and rescue teams a GPS signal from his iPhone to give his exact location. He was rescued six hours later. The search teams found Williams seven hours after he went missing, by which time he had died. (…)”