Locative Media

Lançada a revista [Re: ], cujo tema é “locative media”, relação entre mídia, tecnologias sem fio e espaço urbano. Vejam o artigo “POSSIBILITIES IN LOCATIVE MEDIA” no primeiro número:

“Developments since then include mediaeval cartography as well as the Situationists’ approach to mapping a city. Nowadays Locative Media uses technology to trigger artworks in a specific physical space. The magazine features an depth interview with locative media artist Jeremy Hight about a new form of dissent utilizing smart mobs, on line community and locative media. “

Link do excelente Networked Performance, cuja proposta é difundir eventos que realizam performances online, cada vez mais com o uso de tecnologias sem fio:

“What the blog revealed and continues to reveal is an explosion of creative experimental pursuits made possible by the migration of computation out of the desktop PC and into the physical world (where it is becoming increasingly woven into the fabric of our lives), and by the continuing advances in internet technologies, wireless telecommunications, sensor technologies and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In these explorations artists are utilizing pervasive, ubiquitous computing technologies that are inexpensive, readily available, and most importantly, mobile and wirelessly networked. These include technologies, devices, and protocols such as mobile phones, PDAs, GPS cards, wi-fi, Bluetooth, sensors, and open source software. The blog further reveals that these technologies are being utilized by a growing generation of programming capable artists and artistically minded engineers and computer scientists”.