Locative Media and the City

Locative media and the City

Projetos no site Visualization Projects from Database City – Visualizar’08 | FlowingData mostra alguns projetos interessantes (projetos do MediaLab Prado). Destaco três projetos em Madrid, um sobre poluição e outro com GPS para portadores de necessidades especiais e o MurMur, canadense, já comentado nesse Carnet e agora com versão madrilenha. Em todos resgate da dimesão urbana com o uso de dispositívos móveis.

Vejam abaixo:

Much Ado About Nothing (Iván Huelves Illas)

Delving into the realm of subjective experience, Much Ado About Nothing utilizes noise pollution data from Madrid City Council to create virtual spaces in which to explore and discover the character and quality of sounds created at specific sensor stations. The resulting panoramic interface provides an immersive experience coupled with a graphic overlay that displays the intensity (in decibels) and source of each noise.

Murmur (Writing Academic English)

Finding inspiration in the question “Have you ever thought of urban space as seen through the eyes of the media?”, Murmur proposes an alternate means of mapping Madrid. Fed by a stream of more than 600 RSS feeds, this Actionscript/PHP application creates several models for “media geography” which geolocate, aggregate and abstract the flow of information from major media outlets and the blogosphere.

Lazarillo GPS (Carolina Paola & Caluori Funes)

Maps are often founded on the misguided notion that their end-users are all equally mobile. Lazarillo GPS proposes a system for mapping areas of “cultural interest” in Madrid for the physically disabled. Armed with GPS receivers and disabled test subjects, the Lazarillo team went out into the city and conducted field research to serve as the basis for a custom notational system which maps accessibility in several tourist districts.”