Location Based Games

Location Based Game

Mais dois jogos de rua baseado em localizao usando os novos dispositivos mveis e redes sem fio. O primeiro o The Journey. O jogo coloca o usurio na rua para resolver mistrios. O Jogo ganhou um prmio na ustria e j foi baixado mais de 70.000 vezes.

“The Journey is a new and unique adventure game experience for your mobile phone. You are in the role of an infamous detective and have to solve a mysterious case not only by making it through the story, but also by walking to different locations. Gone are the days where you watch a virtual character moving around on your display. Now you have to move yourself. The game is aware of your movement. Right at the beginning when you as the detective have to leave your bureau and go outside, you have to take your mobile and go through the streets of the city you live in. The game saves the locations and in the course of the story you will have to return to your bureau and walk back to the place where you started playing.”

(…) This game will work on phones based on Symbian Platform.Below are the download links for Symbian S60 1st/2nd edition,& S60 3rd edition phones .

O outro o Mobile Dead, onde a tarefa caar zumbis em Manhattan:

“(…) What about a zombie-themed location-based game? Grab your Blackberry, hit the streets of Manhattan, and slash some random strangers. You might even become friends afterwards. Thats basically the idea behind Mobile Dead. It uses GPS (or other location data) to find your position and the position of your enemies. Youll recognize them by their color. Humans are blue, zombies green.

Of course its a bit more sophisticated than that, as you can also pick up items along the way. Such as health packages and weapons. Use the latter in fights, which consists of taking turns in slashing. You hit, wait for the nasty reply, and hit again.(…)”.

Os jogos baseados em localizao, ou tambm chamados de “pervasive computational games”, usam a rua como espao de jogo criando um processo de espacializao prprio das mdias locativas. Tecnologias militares de localizao e monitoramento de movimentos so usados aqui para ocupar o espao urbano sob o esprito ldico.