jogging over a distance

Sistema com minicomputadores, bluetooth com GPS, modem e fone de ouvido sem fio permite que corredores possam se socializar e motivar um ao outro através de localização e áudio distribuido. Bom, não consigo me imaginar usando um sistema desse enquanto corro, já que busco o isolamento absoluto e só música entra nos meus ouvidos. Mas para os realmente interativos…

O post jogging over a distance vem do do “Information Aesthetics”. Trechos:

“a new mobile application that allows joggers to socialize & motivate each other while jogging in geographically distant locations through the use of spatially distributed audio. while each partner jogs, speed data is collected & used to spatially position the audio of the conversation in a 2D sound environment. as one jogger speaks, their partner hears the localized audio & is able to detect whether the other person is going faster, same pace, or slower, & thus is in front, to the side, or behind, respectively.

similar to a collocated setting, the audio cues runners when to speed up or slow down in order to “stay” with their partner. the joggers can discuss running routes, motivate each other to keep pace, or simply listen to the environment noises of the other location. technically, the prototype consists of 2 identical systems, each with a miniature computer, a Bluetooth GPS device, a wireless modem, a mobile phone & a headset.”