Israel-Palestine Cyberwar

Israel-Palestine Cyberwar

Mais notcas sobre a guerra entre Israel e Palestina, mostram as dimenses “ciber” do conflito. A dimenso planetria e eletrnica faz parte do conflito e no mais uma novidade desde os anos 1990. Agora novas ferramentas da “Web 2.0” e tecnologias mveis e locativas passam a fazer parte do teatro da violncia. Basta ver a ao mundial de hackers, o uso das mdias mveis servindo para mapear o conflito e fazer valer vozes no terreno com telefones celulares, ou a instrumentalizao dos softwares sociais e da web 2.0 para propaganda oficial ou para denncias de testemunhas e ativistas em sites como YouTube, blogs, Twitter, Second Life, para ter uma real dimenso do impacto das redes nas atuais guerras e conflitos.

Vejam algumas matrias relacionadas a essa ciberguerra.

Artigo do The Guardian mostra como hacker israelenses esto atacando websites do Hamas em um contexto mundial de hackers contra Israel. “The conflict between Palestine and Israel is not limited to the real world. A group of programmers working under the name ‘Help Israel Win’ has developed a piece of software that lets people devote part of their computer’s processing power to attacking pro-Hamas websites.(…)”.

Matria da BBC aponta na mesma direo: “A propaganda war is being waged on the internet between supporters of the Israeli and Palestinian sides in the current conflict in the Gaza Strip. Activists have turned to defacing websites, taking over computers, and shutting down Facebook groups. US Military sites, Nato, and an Israeli Bank have all been targeted. Experts have warned users to be on the lookout for phishing emails and webmasters to ensure their servers are secure. The hacking of security barriers for political or ideological reasons has been branded by some as hacktivism. And it is thought that as use of the internet grows, so too will the number of attacks. (…)”

Vdeo da Reuters fala de uma primeira guerra com softwares sociais, a “first social media war” com autoridades e ativistas utlizando blogs, YouTube, Tweeter, Second Life…: “Jan 16 – Israel takes its war message to the blogosphere with webcams, social networking sites and YouTube, as Palestinians protest in the virtual world of Second Life.”

Sobre cyberwarfare e terrorismos vejam essa definies no Defense Tech:

“The rapid advancement of cyber attacks and the emergence of cyber warfare have caught government and military leaders around the world off guard. Decision making in time requiring defensive measures or military crisis is guided by doctrine and rules of engagement, but in the case of cyber attacks and cyber warfare they do not currently exist. The complexities and unique characteristics of cyber warfare mandate establishing Cyber Attack and Warfare Rules of Engagement (CAWRoE).

Cyber warfare is different than the conventional war in many ways. It is this difference that will challenge the minds of experts around the world when they attempt to create cyber warfare doctrine and ROE. To frame this discussion, below you will find two definitions that put this challenge in context.

Definition – Cyber Warfare & Terrorism – ‘The premeditated use of disruptive activities, or the threat thereof, against computers and/or networks, with the intention to cause harm or further social, ideological, religious, political or similar objectives. Or to intimidate any person in furtherance of such objectives.’ Source: This definition was published in the U.S. Army Cyber Operations and Cyber Terrorism Handbook 1.02. This definition was written by Kevin Coleman back in 2004 for an online article.(…)”

Post do Mobile Active mostra que o Ushahidi faz parceria com a Al Jazeera para mapear o conflito em Gaza e criar testemunhos por SMS. J havia postado aqui sobre a Al Jazeera e o Ushahidi nesse Carnet. Vejam trechos do post e vdeo abaixo: “Souktel and Ushahidi have been in the news as they have partnered with Al Jazeera for an interactive SMS-enabled crowdsourced map as the conflict in Gaza continues.”