iPhone Hacking

E continua a corrida para desbloquear e liberar o iPhone . Vejam como a cultura hacker está em movimento. Artigo completo do NYT aqui:

With Software and Soldering, AT&T’s Lock on iPhone Is Undone
New York Times (08/25/07) P. B1; Stone, Brad

Several software and hardware techniques have been developed to allow iPhone users to recalibrate the device to work on any network instead of exclusively on AT&T. George Hotz, a 17-year-old from Glen Rock, N.J., spent about 500 hours unlocking two iPhones, which can now operate on any network thanks to a little soldering and some software tools. “This was about opening up the device for everyone,” says Hotz. Hotz described his technique in detail on his Web site in the hopes that someone may be able to simplify the process. Meanwhile, a group called iPhoneSimFree has developed a software update that allows users to install the software and switch the phone’s SIM card with one from another carrier to unlock the phone. The group says it has been working on the software since June, and plans to sell it to anyone interested in unlocking large numbers of iPhones, though a price has not been announced. Another company called Bladox, based in the Czech Republic, recently started selling a device called Turbo SIM that would allow users to attach another carrier’s SIM card and insert it into the iPhone to trick the iPhone into thinking it is running on the AT&T network. Last fall, the Librarian of Congress issued an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that allows individuals to unlock their cell phones, but the ruling does not apply to companies and individuals such as Hotz who distribute or sell unlocking tools and techniques. AT&T and Apple could sue such distributors, arguing that people sharing modifications to iPhones are interfering with the business relationship between Apple, AT&T, and their customers.