Território e realidade sem ficção, Edmonton

Post do bog HauntedGeographies fala do termo “hyperstition” e comenta sobre as mídias locativas e territórios, o que se aproxima do que tenho escrito aqui nesse Carnet. O termo indica o “colapso” da ficção no real:

“(…) hyperstition as the way that ‘fictions make themselves real’— a birthing process that seems close to Maturana and Varela’s bringing forth of worlds. As narrative flows traverse the real-and-imagined some coalesce and harden. In addition, there appear to be certain practices (ritual, writing or design) that seem to catalyse and speed up these phase transitions.(…)”

Sobre locative media:

“The expansion and contraction of hyperstitional territories is fascinating— geography, ‘writing the world’. It is interesting to read metaverses and mixed realities through this lens too. Experimental places that prototype experience and effectively operate as speculative geographies.

As the ‘trial separation of bits and atoms’ draws to a close and we rediscover medieval notions of reality, the boundaries between the real and the virtual collapse. Technology, particularly locative media, is creating a ‘denser now’, an ever-growing complex tapestry of links and associations— sentient landscapes, data shadows and information auras. In the light of this, it’s interesting to view hyperstition in terms of osmosis and reality leakage – a process by which trespasstory objects effortlessly dance across the real-and-imagined. (…)”