Google knows where you are

Google Knows where you are.

Google adiciona funo de localizao de usurios de celulares no google maps, o “my location”. Mapeando a clula mais prxima de onde voc est usando o celular, o sistema aponta a sua localizao aproximada. tima opo para celulares que no tm GPS.

Vemos aqui mais um exemplo de formas de territorializao pelo controle do espao e do movimento, onde alguns autores s vm “nomandismo”. Para mais detalhes ver meu artigo sobre processos de territorializao e desterritorializao com dispositivos mveis.

Abaixo trechos da matria do New York Times Blog:

“(…) Users of Blackberries and many other smartphones can now push a button and the Google mapping service will figure out more or less sort of where they are.

(…) Google today is adding a feature for some smartphones that dont have built in GPS but can read the unique identifying number of the cell tower they are connected to. By using this information, Google can display a map of the general area they are in. (Google isnt the first to try this sort of thing.)

Google nicely tried to design the service to take into account its limitations. When you push the button, it draws a dot at the nearest cell tower and draws a circle around it to identify the area in which it thinks you are. The screen will tell you the margin of error, typically between 500 and 2000 feet. (…)