Exposicao Cyborg Futures

Mais cyborgs. Falávamos no último post dos cops cyborgs britânicos. Vejam essa exposição, “Cyborg Futures: Me or Machine” sobre o tema em Newcastle, atualizando a questão com os novos dispositivos móveis embarcados no corpo como os já bastante comuns telefones celulares.

“Our Cyborg Futures: Me or Machine? looks at the shrinking divide between us and the technology we use. From prosthetic body parts, to smart textiles and wearable computing, a range of technologies is penetrating the different ‘skins’ we surround ourselves with – from our biological skin, to the clothes we wear, the buildings we live in, and the communication networks we connect through. The Cyborg show will range from robots designed to help elderly people, through state-of-the-art devices for health, care, fashion and sport, to devices that connect our minds to communication networks.


In recent times, the need to work in extreme environments has spurred attempts to overcome human limitations. Suits for space walking, deep sea diving and flying advanced fighters meet extreme but very practical needs. But cyborg-like technologies are emerging to meet civilian needs, too. Our Cyborg Futures will highlight state-of-the-art prosthetic limbs, artificial organs, and electromechanical devices and machines for health, care, fashion and sport. Artists, designers and dancers will play with ‘technical textiles’ ‘intelligent jewellery’ and ‘smart architecture’.

Our Cyborg Futures will bring together this evidence and present it without undue comment. The idea is to start a debate along the lines: Is this where we want to go? Communities throughout the North East region will be involved in discussions and workshops during the build-up to the exhibition itself. Associated events will also be organised at adjacent venues throughout the region, including Cafe Scientific , Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Dance City and the Life Centre in Newcastle. The exhibition takes place in Newcastle between 10 August – 27 October 2007 at the Victorian Great Hall in the Newcastle’s Discovery Museum – the main science museum for the North East of England.”