Edmonton Wireless

Edmonton, 6a. maior cidade do Canadá e capital do estado de Alberta planeja expandir o acesso sem fio aos seus cidadãos. Estarei em breve na cidade e mandarei notícias frescas (melhor dizendo, gélidas, de lá). Segundo a matéria, City plans to expand wireless web service, a municipalidade pretende ampliar as zonas de acesso e criar mapas interativos mostrando os hotspots da cidade.


The city plans to expand its network of free, wireless Internet hot spots, even though only a handful of Edmontonians are actually using the existing service. (…) The service is part of a one-year, $100,000 pilot project to provide free Internet to tech-savvy Edmontonians. Anyone with a laptop computer or other wireless device capable of surfing the web can log on to the network.There are filters in place, preventing users from browsing objectionable sites, like those containing pornography. Moyles said this fall the pilot will be expanded to a yet-to-be-determined rec centre or arena. In the spring, free hot spots will be added to a “highly walkable” area of the city, perhaps in Old Strathcona or on 124 Street, he said. (…) He said in the coming months, interactive maps will be made available to the city and other organizations that can be published on websites, highlighting the areas where wireless Internet is available.”